Organization Name Date State
City Impact 
Grant to purchase desktop and laptop computers as well as a video projector and screen. This organization's mission is to meet the growing needs of high-risk, multi-ethnic youth and their family members, to empower them and promote healthy families and give them tools they need to become community leaders. 
October 2008  CA
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City of Glendora Police Department 
Grant for purchase of four automatic external defibrillators for patrol vehicles to be used in immediate cardiac emergency intervention. 
October 1998  CA
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City of Glendora Police Explorers 
Grant to purchase a transportation vehicle, uniforms and to assist in the cost of academy fees. This organization is dedicated to supporting and serving its community with dedication, excellence and mutual respect. 
October 2013  CA
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City of Hope 
Grant to purchase equipment that will help improve the detection of breast cancer through earlier diagnosis. The mission of this organization is to transform healthcare and turn scientific discoveries into practical benefits for patients in order to prevent, treat, and cure cancer and other serious illnesses.  
October 2014  CA
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City of Presidents Foundation 
Grant to purchase and place a lifesize bronze statue of President Franklin Pierce on a Rapid City corner. This organization provides educational and historical benefits to the residents and visitors about the Presidents of the United States.  
October 2007  SD
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Civic Works, Inc. 
Grant to provide wheelchair accessibility as part of Clifton Mansion's restoration project (also positively affecting the neighborhood's improvement project) by this group that provides the community services that would otherwise go undone while at the same time enhancing various skills of the young participants.  
October 2000  MD
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Claremont Community School of Music 
Grant to help with furnishing the new recital hall by purchasing an auxiliary piano, chairs, sound system and other items at this school where the importance is on inspiring students to reach for their full musical and human potential. 
October 2001  CA
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Claremont McKenna College/Mary B. Eyre Children's School 
Grant to assist with the cost of equipment and material for the construction of an outdoor hands-on learning and discovery area for the pre-school. 
February 1999  CA
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Clothes The Deal 
Grant to purchase a cargo van, computer equipment and mannequins. This organization assists women and youth in transition, empowering them to achieve self-sufficiency 
October 2006  CA
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Community Access Center 
Grant to help purchase a wheelchair accessible van. This organization helps persons with disabilities to control their own lives. 
October 2003  CA
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Community Action Commission 
Grant to purchase kitchen equipment for the Santa Maria Community Kitchen, a collaborative effort with Good Samaritan Shelters, Inc. The kitchen provides meals to various groups in the surrounding community. 
October 2004  CA
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Community Financial Resource Center 
Grant to provide office and training equipment for this program which works to enhance the capacity for economic wealth of residents and businesses in divested areas of Los Angeles. 
October 1999  CA
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Community Health Center of the Black Hills 
Grant to purchase medical equipment, computers, and security cameras. The mission of this organization is to provide quality medical, dental and mental health care to the community. 
October 2015  CA
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Concerned Resource and Environmental Workers (CREW) 
Grant to purchase a used 4WD SUV replacement to transport youth to project sites. This organization is an environmental employment program for youth ages 14-21.  
April 2008  CA
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Connecticut Children's Medical Center 
Grant to purchase three phototherapy light units for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. This organization is the only free-standing, full service children's hospital in Connecticut. 
February 2004  CT
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