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Organization Name Date State
Charles Mix County Historical Society 
Grant to purchase books, sculptures, and other memorabilia for a permanent Lewis & Clark Exhibit. 
October 2003  SD
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Cheetah Conservation Fund 
Grant to assist in the funding of the new Visitor Centre. The Cheetah Conservation Fund is dedicated to the conservation of cheetahs and their ecosystems. 
October 2014  VA
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Cherokee Center for Family Service 
Grant to assist with improving the Center's playground area with new pavement, water fountain and play equipment for the After-School Program, which is just one of the many programs they have established to help restore and strengthen Native American families. 
October 2001  NC
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Child Care Resource Center 
Grant for purchase of resource materials for mobile service lending educational resources to family child day care providers in the greater Los Angeles area. 
October 1996  CA
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Children's Burn Foundation 
Grant to assist with the goal of fire prevention by purchasing a Fire Safety House, a moveable trailer furnished like a home, to be towed to elementary schools where fire fighters simulate real life scenarios involving fires as an interactive educational tool. 
October 2000  CA
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Children's Care Hospital & School 
Grant to purchase medical mobility, seating and positioning equipment for the Rehabilitation & Development Center. 
October 2005  SD
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Children's First Step Learning Center 
Grant to purchase a used van and six convertible car seats, to enable this organization to provide safe, reliable transportation and developmentally appropriate childcare in a secure, child-centered environment. 
October 2003  SD
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Children's Home Society of South Dakota 
Grant to purchase office furniture and equipment for their Messengers Emergency Foster Home Expansion. 
February 2005  SD
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Children's Home Society of South Dakota 
Grant for home furnishings and a play structure as part of a new emergency shelter for children suddenly removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect so that they may stay in a safe place while decisions such as foster care are being determined. 
October 2000  SD
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Children's Nature Institute 
Grant for publication of English/Spanish educational materials, nature song tapes and site guides for nature walks. 
October 1998  CA
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Children's Relief Nursery (CRN) 
Grant to purchase a 20 passenger bus and to retrofit a current bus. This organization prevents abuse and neglect in child birth through three years of age by partnering with caregivers committed to strengthening their families.  
April 2008  OR
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Christian Appalachian Project 
Grant to repair roof of housing facility for volunteers of this organization that provides services to needy people in the Appalachian region. 
October 1999  KY
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Citrus College Foundation 
Grant for a permanent shelter over outdoor patio play area of the Citrus Community College Child Development Center. 
October 1991  CA
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Citrus Valley Health Foundation 
Grant to replace existing roof and purchase a new boiler an buffer tank for Citrus Valley Hospice. Citrus Valley Health Partners' mission is to help people keep well in body, mind and spirit by providing quality health care services in a compassionate environment.  
October 2012  CA
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City Impact 
Grant to purchase desktop and laptop computers as well as a video projector and screen. This organization's mission is to meet the growing needs of high-risk, multi-ethnic youth and their family members, to empower them and promote healthy families and give them tools they need to become community leaders. 
October 2008  CA
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