Organization Name Date State
7th Circuit Rapid City CASA Program 
Grant to purchase office equipment and furnishings for this organization that advocates for the best interest of abused and neglected children through the court system. 
April 2007  SD
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A Place Called Home 
A Place Called Home is an after school mentoring and education program for Family and Youth services. Grant to purchase a copy machine, 2 computers with printers & educational supplies for the Mentoring/Education Program at this neighborhood "safe" house. 
February 1999  CA
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A Place Called Home 
Grant to purchase safety and security equipment for an organization that offers at-risk youth a secure, positive family environment. 
October 2002  CA
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AAF Rose Bowl Aquatics Center 
Grant to assist with the costs of building a therapeutic pool with the features needed for maximum accessibility and special aquatic therapy programming to help a large variety of physical problems. 
February 2000  CA
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Abbott House 
Grant to purchase new security and camera system to provide a safer environment for the children and staff. This organization is dedicated to providing premier services for some of South Dakota's most needy girls and families.  
October 2010  SD
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Grant to purchase an American Disabilities Act accessible van to enable the transportation of people who are disabled. 
February 2003  CA
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Academy of Business Leadership 
Grant to provide expansion of Summer Business Institute leadership and entrepreneurial program to include on-going mentoring for participants until they finish high school. 
October 1995  CA
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Academy of Natural Sciences 
Grant for field laboratory equipment capable of networking with organization's home base and Internet Web site. 
October 1999  PA
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Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association 
Grant to purchase a used refrigerated delivery truck and five pallet racks. This organization advances economic viability, social equity and ecological land management among limited-resources and aspiring farmers.  
April 2007  CA
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Alaska Public Radio Network 
Grant to purchase recorder kits and professional stereo headphones to enable reports of news, current affairs and cultural information for Alaska's Native People. 
February 2003  AK
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Alaska Raptor Center 
Grant to purchase an x-ray machine, film processor, and accessories. This organization provides critical medical treatment for all birds, educates the public, and conducts research. 
February 2004  AK
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Alzheimer's Diseases and Related Disorders Association 
Grant to purchase video library equipment to further enhance the quality of life for all persons affected by Alzheimer's disease and related disorders. 
October 2007  OH
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America's VetDogs 
Grant to purchase and retrofit training/transportation vehicles. The mission of this organization is to help those who have served our country honorably to live with dignity and independence, whether they are visually impaired or have other special needs. 
October 2016  NY
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American Cancer Society 
Grant to expand planned event opportunities for children with cancer to play and share their experiences with other children who have cancer while assisting parents with education and support. 
October 1992  CA
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American Domestic Violence Crisis Line 
Grant to purchase computer equipment and a digital copier. This organization provides domestic violence intervention and crisis services to battered American women and children overseas. 
October 2003  OR
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