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Organization Name Date State
Independence Hall Preservation Fund 
Grant for environmental monitoring equipment for use in the Deshler-Morris House to assist in preservation of the historical building and its contents. 
October 1995  PA
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Independent Documentary Group 
Grant for computer equipment to assist in exhibit scheduling and distribution of the photographic exhibit and accompanying book "Nagasaki Journey," showing the work of Yosuke Yamahata of August 10, 1945. 
October 1995  CA
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Inland Congregations United for Change 
Grant to purchase office furniture and audio/visual equipment. This organization develops grassroots leaders, adults, and youth, who can address problems and issues that affect their community.  
October 2004  CA
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Interior Alaska Center for Non-Violent Living 
Grant for sewer system replacement for this center providing secure shelter and immediate safety for women and their children who are victims of domestic violence and abuse. 
February 2002  AK
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International Design Clinic 
Grant to purchase Humanitarian Design Kits to provide students of architecture and design the chance to use their unique creative talents to create and construct projects for impoverished communities around the world. 
October 2008  PA
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International Print Museum 
Grant to fund Franklin Colonial school assemblies and repair Museum-on-Wheels Trailer Exhibit. The mission of this organization is to preserve the history of printing and its related arts through the collection and display of the tools, machinery and artifacts of the graphic arts. 
October 2012  CA
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JASON Foundation for Education 
Grant for online systems development for JASON CLUB-Online, an innovative after school education program for economically disadvantaged children throughout the United States. 
October 1996  MA
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Journey Museum 
Grant to purchase technological equipment to enhance and expand the museum's learning center. This organization serves as a forum to preserve and explore the heritage of the cultures of the Black Hills region. 
October 2003  SD
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Junior Achievement 
Grant to purchase technological equipment for the headquarters office in order to streamline the computer systems nationwide. This organization teaches the free enterprise system to children. 
February 2002  CA
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Grant to deploy Imagination Playgrounds to four (4) different child-serving organizations. This organization is dedicated to creating great playspaces through the participation and leadership of communities.  
October 2011  DC
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Kapiolani Health Foundation 
Grant to purchase a continuous venous to venous hemodialysis machine. This organization provides the highest quality healthcare and service to the people of Hawaii and the Pacific Basin.  
October 2007  HI
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Katalysis North/South Development Partnerships 
Grant to establish three self-sustaining, village governed and operated banks through the Women's Village Banking Project in Central America. 
October 1991  CA
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Katalysis North/South Development Partnerships 
Grant to establish three additional banks through the Village Women's Banking Project in Central America. 
October 1994  CA
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Kern Environmental Educaiton Program Foundation 
Grant to build a girls' bathroom for the outdoor science program. This organization encourages, promotes and supports residential outdoor science programs. 
October 2003  CA
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Kids In Need of Dentistry (KIND) 
Grant for new dental instruments and waiting room furnishings at this clinic offering low-cost dental care to those children whose families are unable to afford private insurance and are unable to qualify for public assistance. 
October 2001  CO
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