Organization Name Date State
Old Sturbridge Village 
Grant to complete the interior and exterior painting of "Bullard Tavern." The grant will also allow for the purchase of a safety and maintenance snowplow. The purpose of this organization is to provide modern Americans with a deepened understanding of their own times through a personal encounter with New England's past.  
October 2013  MA
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Olive Crest Foster and Adoption Agency 
Grant to purchase furniture and supplies for the Children's Tutoring Center. This organization is dedicated to preventing child abuse and is treating and educating at-risk children. 
February 2006  CA
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Opera Pacific 
Grant to provide educational materials for new program to expose opera to Orange county high school seniors. 
October 1997  CA
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Operation Pets, Inc. 
Grant to purchase a generator, surgical supplies, and assist in the compensation of contractual veterinarians and surgical technicians. The mission of Operation Pets, Inc. is to spay and neuter pets for low income individuals and animal shelters in the Western South Dakota area. 
October 2017  SD
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Orange Empire Railway Museum 
Grant to restore two heritage and historic pieces of rail equipment. The mission of this organization is to preserve in operating condition historic rail equipment of the 19th and 20th century operating in Sounthern California 
October 2012  CA
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Oregon Food Bank 
Grant to purchase a refrigerated trailer as part of their statewide food distribution program that covers 20 regional food banks and 750 direct service agencies. 
October 2001  OR
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Oregon Museum of Science and Industry 
Grant to purchase an outreach van to transport staff members, equipment, and animals that they use in their programs to locations throughout the Western United States. 
February 2004  OR
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Oregon Zoo Foundation 
Grant to purchase and install a sheet of clear acrylic for the viewing window of the new salmon exhibit. 
October 2002  OR
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Outreach Impacting Lives 
Grant to assist in the Annual Military Thanksgiving Meal Project. This organization is dedicated to compassionately serving those in need by providing financial support, time, and talent in order to impact lives for the better, while creating an environment that encourages others to participate in a selfless manner.  
October 2017  CA
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Pacific Science Center 
Grant to purchase a portable, digital planetarium projector. This organization seeks to inspire a lifelong interest in science, mathematics and technology by engaging diverse communities. 
October 2006  WA
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Partnership Scholars Program 
Grant to meet the costs for Scholar Educational/Enrichment Activities throughout the year. Grant will also allow for a new Fund-development Professional. Partnership Scholars Program provides six years of educational and cultural experiences for academically motivated by economically disadvantaged students.  
October 2012  CA
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Paws with a Cause 
Grant to purchase a Unified Telecommunications System. This organization trains Assistance Dogs nationally for people with disabilities and provides lifetime team support, which encourages independence for disabled persons. 
October 2008  MI
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Grant to purchase office equipment and hand trucks for the warehouse. This organization offers veterinary care, pet food and supplies, and foster homes all at no charge to participants who are disabled by a life-threatening illness. 
October 2002  CA
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Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA 
Grant to purchase 2 cargo trailers for this organization's disaster preparedness program, which will help provide care and shelter to displaced and abandoned companion animals resulting from disasters, giving owners time to make stable provisions for their pets. 
October 2008  CA
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Peregrine Fund 
Grant to assist in the construction of a new Peregrine Falcon exhibit. The Peregrine Fund is a science-based nonprofit leading the conservation of birds of prey on a global scale.  
October 2019  ID
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