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Organization Name Date State
Telescopes in Educaiton Foundation 
Grant to purchase computers enabling this organization to allow students in grades K-14 to remotely access telescopes around the world, free of charge. 
October 2003  CA
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The Arc in Hawaii 
Grant to purchase emergency equipment, health & fitness equipment and funding for facility improvements.  
October 2006  HI
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The Center For The Homeless, Inc. 
Matching grant to purchase 16 of the 32 bunk beds needed for homeless children in transitional housing. 
February 2005  IN
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The Foxfire Fund, Inc. 
Grant to refurbish training center cabins for this Georgia-based program specializing in preparing teachers in a hands-on methodology for social studies education. 
October 1992  GA
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The Foxfire Fund, Inc. 
Grant for equipment, building improvement and materials, and student internships for Archive Renovation Project on Appalachian life. 
October 1997  GA
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The Giraffe Project 
Grant to purchase the equipment needed to spread nationally their Giraffe Heroes Program that teaches courageous compassion and active citizenship to students in K-12 as part of their main mission to move people to stick their necks out for the common good. 
October 2000  WA
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The Home Gardening Project 
Grant to underwrite costs of building three vegetable garden projects for approximately 100 new gardens for low-income elderly and single-parent families. 
October 1997  OR
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The Marianne Frostig Center of Educational Therapy 
Grant for seven computers for learning lab for this program that serves children with learning disorders. 
October 1998  CA
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The Nature Conservancy 
Grant to construct a self-guiding birding loop trail that will enhance the public's appreciation of the South Dakota Cascade Creek Preserve and expand this group's educational outreach. 
October 2000  SD
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The Nature of WILDWORKS 
Grant to assist in the purchase of a van to transport to schools and community organizations, for educational purposes, animals that have been held in captivity and cannot be returned to the wild. 
October 1999  CA
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The Raymond M. Alf Museum 
Grant for installation of a staircase connecting the museum's upstairs and downstairs exhibit halls. 
October 1997  CA
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Three Ring Ranch 
Grant to purchase equipment, vehicles, and fencing. This organization is dedicated to positively impacting our environment through the education of Hawaii's children into the natural world.  
October 2015  HI
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Three Ring Ranch, Inc. 
Grant to purchase six aviaries and fund construction of an American Disabilities Act approved bathroom. It is the only USDA licensed, exotic animal sanctuary in the state of Hawaii. 
October 2002  HI
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Tiny Stitches 
Grant to provide four sergers and extended warranties for sewing machines for this organization that provides indigent newborns in northern Georgia with clothes to help them get a healthy start in life. 
October 2002  GA
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Tri-Cities Children's Center 
Grant to help furnish newly constructed program center for children of low-income families. 
October 1994  CA
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