Organization Name Date State
America's VetDogs 
Grant to purchase and retrofit training/transportation vehicles. The mission of this organization is to help those who have served our country honorably to live with dignity and independence, whether they are visually impaired or have other special needs. 
October 2016  NY
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Deaf Initiatives 
Grant to purchase an embroidery machine and laptop computer for their social enterprise business, Keepsake Theme Quilts. 
February 2005  OH
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Alzheimer's Diseases and Related Disorders Association 
Grant to purchase video library equipment to further enhance the quality of life for all persons affected by Alzheimer's disease and related disorders. 
October 2007  OH
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National Weather Museum 
Grant to restore the T-28 aircraft to display condition and establish a "store-front" for the T-28 and other weather artifacts. The mission of this organization is to preserve the rich history of the nation's weather and climate enterprise and provide state-of-the-art education and technology learning environments to persons of all ages. 
October 2013  OK
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National Weather Museum & Science Center 
Grant to restore the landing gear for the T-28 aircraft to display condition. Part of the grant would also purchase new signage for the museum. The mission of this organization is to preserve the rich history of the nation's weather and climate enterprise and provide state-of-the-art education and technology learning environments to persons of all ages in order to better understand their place within it.  
October 2019  OK
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Western Antique Aeroplane and Auto Museum 
Grant to restore an early 1900 Curtiss Pusher Aircraft. This organization acquires, restores, maintains and preserves in operating condition a collection of historically significant aircraft and automobiles to be exhibited for public viewing, academic study and educational opportunity.  
October 2012  OR
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The Home Gardening Project 
Grant to underwrite costs of building three vegetable garden projects for approximately 100 new gardens for low-income elderly and single-parent families. 
October 1997  OR
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Central Oregon Environmental Center 
Grant towards children's workshops and teachers' guides for EcoTeam Project teaching waste reduction through the elementary school system in Central Oregon. 
October 1996  OR
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Portland Youth Builders 
Grant to purchase educational material, equipment, tools and a truck. This organization supports low-income youth who are committed to changing their lives to become self-sufficient contributing members of the workforce and their communities. 
October 2007  OR
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Oregon Food Bank 
Grant to purchase a refrigerated trailer as part of their statewide food distribution program that covers 20 regional food banks and 750 direct service agencies. 
October 2001  OR
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Oregon Zoo Foundation 
Grant to purchase and install a sheet of clear acrylic for the viewing window of the new salmon exhibit. 
October 2002  OR
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Center for National Independence in Politics: Project Vote Smart 
Grant to add information on state government officials and candidates to already existing database on federal government officials and candidates as national Oregon-based non-partisan service to voters and journalists. 
October 1992  OR
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Children's Relief Nursery (CRN) 
Grant to purchase a 20 passenger bus and to retrofit a current bus. This organization prevents abuse and neglect in child birth through three years of age by partnering with caregivers committed to strengthening their families.  
April 2008  OR
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American Domestic Violence Crisis Line 
Grant to purchase computer equipment and a digital copier. This organization provides domestic violence intervention and crisis services to battered American women and children overseas. 
October 2003  OR
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Oregon Museum of Science and Industry 
Grant to purchase an outreach van to transport staff members, equipment, and animals that they use in their programs to locations throughout the Western United States. 
February 2004  OR
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