Organization Name Date State
Bicycle Colorado 
Grant to purchase a van and bicycle equipment for the organization's education program which provides experiential bicycle education through in-class training and bicycle skills courses to elementary and middle school students across the state of Colorado. 
October 2008  CO
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Friends of South Georgia Island 
Grant to assist in the conservation of the spectacular wildlife and historical heritage of the island of South Georgia, located in the south Atlantic Ocean, approximately 800 miles East-South-East of the Falkland Islands. This Colorado based organization is dedicated to raising funds for the conservation of the sub-Antarctic Island of South Georgia.  
October 2016  CO
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National Trust for Historic Preservation: Heritage Tourism Project 
Grant to Colorado-based program to develop, publish, and print a basic project information brochure to be sent as first response to inquiries. Brochure would quickly pay for itself in reduced printing and mailing costs over the previously-sent "how to" packet. 
October 1993  CO
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Center for ReSource Conservation 
Grant to build and furnish a workshop for this organization that provides leadership and tools to help Front Range residents live sustainably while educating the public about resource conservation. 
October 2004  CO
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Domestic Violence Initiative For Women with Disabilities 
Grant to purchase adaptive technology equipment for tape and braille materials and educational videos. 
October 2004  CO
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Life Development Institute 
Grant to help expand this Colorado program for youth with learning disabilities to include a residential independent living program for pregnant adolescents with learning disabilities or disorders. 
October 1992  CO
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Grant to purchase equipment to build a large-scale worm digester. This organization provides publicly accountable recycling, conservation and education services. 
February 2006  CO
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Kids In Need of Dentistry (KIND) 
Grant for new dental instruments and waiting room furnishings at this clinic offering low-cost dental care to those children whose families are unable to afford private insurance and are unable to qualify for public assistance. 
October 2001  CO
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Connecticut Children's Medical Center 
Grant to purchase three phototherapy light units for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. This organization is the only free-standing, full service children's hospital in Connecticut. 
February 2004  CT
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American School for the Deaf 
Grant for adaptation of a classroom for video-conferencing for this educational institution that depends heavily on visual communication in the transfer of knowledge. 
October 1999  CT
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Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation Inc. 
Grant to purchase a van for use in training and placement of guide dogs. This organization promotes increased independence for men and women who are blind by providing them with the highest quality guide dogs.  
October 2008  CT
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Grant to deploy Imagination Playgrounds to four (4) different child-serving organizations. This organization is dedicated to creating great playspaces through the participation and leadership of communities.  
October 2011  DC
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Population Services International 
Grant for radio and television public service announcements and printed and promotional materials for replication of Project ACTION in Seattle and San Jose, a program of education to halt the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. 
October 1996  DC
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Grant to purchase transportation vehicles in their Cambodia and Tanzania locations. A portion of the grant would also support the construction of a new training site in Tanzania. APOPO is a global non-governmental organization (NGO) who trains African giant rats to save lives and improve humanity. APOPO is an animal loving organization at the core, and no animals are ever harmed during their life saving tasks.  
October 2020  DC
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Food Bank of Delaware 
Grant to complete funding for their new walk-in refrigeration unit for the Community Training Kitchen. 
October 2005  DE
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