Organization Name Date State
Lincoln Heights Tutorial 
Grant to upgrade computer lab personal computers and printers. This organization's mission is to assist urban youth to become role models in their own communities and to assist them to go on to college. 
October 2008  CA
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Lindsay Wildlife Museum 
Grant to purchase microscopes, tables and chairs for this organization that connects people with wildlife, to inspire responsibility and respect for the world we share.  
October 2007  CA
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Little Sisters of the Poor 
Grant to upgrade four elevators in the Jeanne Jugan facility. This organization offers life long security and care for the elderly in a home-like setting. 
October 2003  CA
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Los Angeles Live Steamer's Railroad Museum 
Grant to purchase equipment, and to assist in the renovation, repair, and electrical maintenance of the Museum. This organization is dedicated to improving and beautifying a 17-acre parcel of Griffith Park as a cultural, historical, and educational resource for the benefit of the citizens of Los Angeles with an emphasis on introducing children to railroad technology and safety in a secure and non-threatening environment.  
October 2017  CA
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Los Angeles Regional Foodbank 
Grant for the purchase of a forklift to aid in the warehousing and distribution of food supplies for needy individuals and families. 
October 1996  CA
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Louisiana SPCA 
Grant to purchase industrial floor cleaning machines and veterinary clinic equipment. This organization provides advocacy and support for the animals of Louisiana. 
October 2006  LA
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Love Is Feeding Everyone 
Grant to provide for new production equipment and trailer for travelling program teaching hunger awareness in schools. 
October 1994  CA
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Love-Water, Inc. 
Grant to purchase a drilling rig and to complete specific community projects in Nicaragua. Love-Water exists to provide access to clean water in order to restore health and create opportunity in developing countries.  
October 2017  CA
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Loving Paws Assistance Dogs 
Grant to purchase a copier in order to publicize their mission to provide professionally trained assistance dogs, nationwide, to children with disabilities. 
February 2003  CA
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Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota 
Grant to provide facitily upgrades for the Calnyon Hills Center to meet the needs of youth with significant psychological and asychiatric disorders. The mission of this organization is to care for, support and strengthen individuals, families and communities. 
October 2012  SD
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Main Street Square Rapid City 
Grant to fund one (1) of five (5) "play pods" in Legacy Commons. This organization is dedicated to enriching the community and its visitors by offering a central gathering place that hosts a wide variety of events and activities to strengthen Rapid City.  
October 2013  SD
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March to the Top - Africa 
Grant to purchase extracurricular programs, sustainable farming resources, and student resources for New Hope Children's Home in Nchiru, Meru County, Kenya. this organization serves the critical needs of the people and lands of Africa through the initiatives in health, education, and conservation.  
October 2018  CA
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Marine Animal Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release into the Natural Environment 
Grant for the purchase of a portable ultrasound machine to assist in the diagnosis and expeditious treatment of maladies and abnormalities not identifiable by external examination. 
February 2002  CA
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Marine Animal Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release Into the Natural Environment, Inc 
Grant to replace a marine mammal transport vehicle. This organization supports the Care Center in its mission to rehabilitate and release sick, injured and orphaned marine mammals along the Southern California coast. 
February 2006  CA
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Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation 
Grant to provide the type of office equipment that assists the educational outreach program to be able to do its own recording, photographing, data inputting, scanning, printing and copying of the materials that promote an understanding of the life and work of this woman activist who led the fight for individual and woman's rights. 
October 2001  NY
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